Saturday, March 26, 2016


  Tomorrow is Easter and I'm really excited!! Usually when my brother and I wake up we used to do an Easter egg hunt. The hunt will probably just be with me since my brother is now in 9th grade. Then we open a few things we got. I usually get like, flip flops, movies all of those kind of things. My favorite gift last year was a new play station 4 game! My brother and I played that for a long time!

So after we open some of the things we got we hangout for an hour or two and we get ready to go to Church. After Church we go to my cousins house and have a hunt and there are eggs everywhere! Like in their huge backyard, upstairs, downstairs like I said everywhere! The hunt usually takes us about an hour or so. We always have to look out for their dog Leo and now their new puppy Lily so they do eat the plastic and especially chocolate.

After the hunt we just hangout with everyone! When its time to go, we say goodbye and go home. Once we get home, my mom and dad watch my brother and I play some of the games on play station. After a long fun day we go to bed. I love Easter and I can't wait for tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shopping With My Friend

On Tuesday during February break I went shopping with my best friend Ellen. Her and I were best friends since we were born. We are super close. So anyways on Tuesday we decided to go shopping. We went to the mall an went to over 10 stores. We first went to Garage and I got tang tops.

Second we went to I think the Beauty salon for Ellen´s mom because she wanted make up. So I got a loofa and nail polish. Third we went to Aeropostale and I got a pink sweatshirt. Fourth store I went to I didn't get anything. There were a few that I didn't get so I won't name them. So anyways I went to Francesca's and I got my mom a sign that says "Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning". I was going to get my dad and my brother a sign but there were only signs for sisters and mothers. So I got that sign.

The final stores I went to was, Bath and body works. I got this cute little package that had the Eiffel Tower on all of the things. I got body wash, lotion, and hand sanatizer. Then a different thing I got was a little hand sanatizer called A Thousand Wishes. It smells so good!! Then I went to Pink. I'm pretty sure that this is the last store. But at Pink the only thing I could get was socks because I ran out of money after this super fun/long day. The socks are high blue and white socks that come in 2 pairs.

This day was so fun and I hope that I can do it again!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What I Would Change In School

If I had a chance to change 3 things in school I would change, the bathroom. Because we need a door. It´s  just kind of weird that we walk by and just hear the toilet flush. Also when you are washing your hands and drying them it disturbs the other classes.

Another change I want is, is to have larger/taller lockers like Seneca I believe that those lockers would be easier and so kids don´t  take their locks off because that really really bugs me. So then when you have the taller/bigger lockers you can just twist it and then your locker opens!

The last one I would like to change is, to have an escalator as stairs. I think that would be awesome! Because instead of using your feet, you can just rise up,up,up,up and that´s pretty cool! Then if you´re  late to class, you can run up it. I think this will make school better especially the escalator.

That is 3 things that I would change in school.