Monday, February 8, 2016

Best Friends

      My best friends make me happy. I am so happy that I found those kind of friends. They make me smile, and laugh and just light up my day. I am very happy that when I need them they are always there for me. On Saturday February 6th I went to Flight with a few of my friends, Alex, Molly, and Shriya. We had so much fun! They always make me smile and have a great time!

   Now I have over probably 100 friends from my school and different schools. I have got to say, some of them will be nice, and then they will be mean to you the next day. It doesn't happen to all my friends but a few are pretty mean. My parents always say, " Friends make you feel good about yourself" And to not hangout with mean people.

  Now I hangout with the most nicest and amazing friends I could imagine and I can't wait to meet more of those great friends!! In the beginning of the year I got a little bit bullied by this one girl who was my friend but now she changed and we are pretty close! So now I only hangout with people who make me feel happy and included.

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