Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentine's Day

  The morning of Valentine's day was very fun! I woke up and opened a few gifts my parents and my brother got me. I love them all, they were, a Lokai bracelet, a sweatshirt from Pink, Chocolate marshmallows, and some Chocolate lollipops. After around 10:00 am we were getting ready to go to my cousins house. We are meeting my other cousins new puppy!!! Lilly is her name, she is about 7 weeks old. At least around there. And she is adorable!! I got to hold Lilly and she felt like a cloud! She didn't feel like anything! Lilly is super super small and just so tiny that we had to be careful not to step on her!

   At the table there was lollipops, kisses and glasses! Also other things. I had the best time! I was very sad to leave my Cousins house because it was really fun. We had to leave around 1:00 so we weren't there for really long. We had to go to my brother's training for basketball. After that we had to go straight home quickly to get to my brother's basketball game. It was a really intense game! I think the score was 75-73 we won. It wasn't a really high game but at least it was close.

    In the game my brother had 17 points. It was really fun to see the game because there were so so many steels it was crazy! They would slam the ball out of their hands! That's how crazy it was! Everybody was screaming and just having a blast. I am so proud of them for winning. It was a great game! After the game, we went home and just relaxed after a really long day. I loved V-day and I can't wait for the next Holiday!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Best Friends

      My best friends make me happy. I am so happy that I found those kind of friends. They make me smile, and laugh and just light up my day. I am very happy that when I need them they are always there for me. On Saturday February 6th I went to Flight with a few of my friends, Alex, Molly, and Shriya. We had so much fun! They always make me smile and have a great time!

   Now I have over probably 100 friends from my school and different schools. I have got to say, some of them will be nice, and then they will be mean to you the next day. It doesn't happen to all my friends but a few are pretty mean. My parents always say, " Friends make you feel good about yourself" And to not hangout with mean people.

  Now I hangout with the most nicest and amazing friends I could imagine and I can't wait to meet more of those great friends!! In the beginning of the year I got a little bit bullied by this one girl who was my friend but now she changed and we are pretty close! So now I only hangout with people who make me feel happy and included.