Monday, January 11, 2016

Piseco Lake


What i'm writing today is about my camp. My camp is called Piseco Lake/ Half Moon Beach in the Adirondacks. I have been going there every year I don't go for the whole summer but I go there a lot in the summer. My grandma has had it ever since my dad was little, so my family has been going there for A LONG time. My favorite things about Piseco is the beach, going Kayaking, riding the boat, going tubing, having smore's, hanging out with my family, and going to craft fairs at the camp site.

 Me and my brother always catch the ball and when we miss the ball the sand either hits my mom or dad its funny to us but not them. I love Piseco when its time to go home I can't because i'll miss it to much. In the trailor  in Piseco there are only 3 beds. and my grandma is also there so we don't have a lot of room. Me and my brother sleep on the fold out couch. That's only if my aunt and uncle aren't there.

           My family sold our boat that we got awhile ago. We might get a jets ski, but then me and my brother will have to go to a boat school and we don't want to do that so we actually might be getting a motor boat and then me and my brother can go tubing!! When we had our old boat we always went around the island toward the side of the lake. Now if I want to go to the island, I can just Kayak to the island. I love the beach and I can't wait to go back this summer!!!

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