Thursday, January 28, 2016


         I have done piano since I was probably in 3rd grade. I love piano so much. It makes me focused and just an amazing instrument. In piano you do recitals. I have 4 trophies. For my piano recital last year I did Let It Go. Right now in piano I am learning Star wars and Tomorrow from the movie Annie.
                 Sometimes if I want to know a song on the piano, I teach it to myself. I probably taught about seven songs to myself. One of the songs I taught myself was Flashlight from Pitch Perfect 2. I also usually teach myself Christmas songs because Christmas was like a month ago. How I teach myself the song is quite simple, I will either listen to the music and come up with notes OR I will just teach myself the song!!
               What I love most about piano, is it comes easily to me. I learn the song from my piano teacher in five minutes and I'm ready for a new song in the book to practice from the book. There are a lot of kids in my class who do piano but it doesn't really come easily to them.
There are pretty hard songs in the book I have. There is a lot of moving your hands in different positions a lot. That is a few facts about me with the piano.

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