Friday, January 22, 2016

First Day Of School!

         My first day of school was good! I was a little scared because I wasn't with my friends that I was with last year. They changed up the homerooms. So when I went on the bus, everything was great! Then when I got to school I got pretty scared. I wasn't near anyone from last year. Then when I got to my homeroom, I saw a whole bunch of my friends!!! Every summer we always call/text our friends to see what homeroom we are in and classes but this year I really haven't got to that.

      I walked into homeroom happy! I saw my friend Parker the rest of my friends were in different homerooms. In my homeroom I met a lot more people!! For example one of my best friends Caitlyn!  In French class I was pretty scared because we were all mixed up because in sixth grade we only had it with Hiawatha people. Hiawatha is a house in or school where we have our own things like Principal and hallways and more! This year we were mixed in with Mohawk people. The lucky thing was I have a lot of friends in Mohawk!!

    I had a lot of great times for the first day of school!! I didn't really see a lot of my friends in the summer! I have a summer birthday too so I couldn't see them on my birthday. I got super close to all of my friends I met and made last year!! This year I went to school on September 8th or something like that. I can't wait to see how next year turns out!! I hope to meet even more friends!

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