Friday, June 10, 2016


There are only a few more weeks left of school and I am excited! Over the summer I can sleep in even though I am not a late sleeper. I usually wake up at like 8 or 8:30. So anyways I can sleep in, hangout with my friends, have sleepovers, swim in my pool and other peoples pools, have a fire and eat S´mores etc. Some of the memories for some of those things I was talking about is, for the camp fire last summer I almost got burned so I dropped my S´more and started screaming. That was hilarious.

A memory of my pool was it was always so cold at night and my dad sprayed us with water guns and the water was freezing. That was so fun.
One memory of my friends and I are, we would always play just dance and I got a video of my friend dancing but it was hilarious!

I can't wait any longer for summer. There are only like I think 9 more days!! I hope to have a lot more memories again this summer! Like my pool, s'mores etc. I hope I get to go on vacation again this summer too!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Soccer Tryouts

Soccer tryouts are coming up and I´m really excited! They work us hard but we fight through it. These tryouts are for Freshmen/ Mod 9 and Modified. I made modified last year but only 4 seventh graders made freshmen. My team was good. We were not great because some of the people who was on my team it was their first year but I have been playing since I was 2 or 3.

The 9th graders who made it were okay. They were not as good as the JV players that were 9th graders. A good thing about the freshmen team was they beat Shen! That school is really hard to beat. Next year I hope to be on the Freshmen team so I could beat really hard teams like that.

I have been training all year to tryout and I think I am ready! For the boys only 1 seventh grader made Freshmen. That is how hard it is to make Freshmen. So I really hope that I can make Freshmen next year. Even if I don not I will still be happy with Modified.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Grandpa

My grandpa died of Alzheimers he was I think 78 or 79 years old. He died when I was going into 6th grade. We did a lot together we would go out for ice cream, we would play in the basment at his house and have a tounament with my brother. We would play Pool and PIng pong, my grandma and grandpa would always go to our soccer game and my brothers basketball game. When I found out he first had Alzheimers I realized I did not have a lot of time with him. He could not even remember what a spoon is. It was very sad. 

He was always in the hospital so the last time I saw him he was in the hospital not even remembering who I was. We went into a little cafateria at the hospital and there was a piano. Since I do piano I played a song for him. He had a smile on his face. The last word he said to my dad was, ¨ You lite up my day¨ My dad started crying becasue he didn´t know he still remembered him. 

A few days later we got a call and the hospital said that my grandpa had past away. It was very sad. My heart felt like it broke. Everybody was crying very very hard and so did I. This year Lokias came out and I got an Alzheimers bracelet and its purple. I got it for Easter. I got it so I will always remember him. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Wood Berry Commons

On Tuesday over April break I went to Wood Berry Commons with my friend Emily, my mom and her mom. In case you don´t know what Wood Berry Commons is, it is a whole bunch of outlets. I think there are about 150 stores there. We had to wake up at 6:00 A.M because we wanted to get there before it was crowded. So when we got there it was about 8:20 and we went into our first store. The store was Aeropostel. We LOVE that store! So from Aero I got sunglasses because its almost summer and I go on Vacation a lot and I go to Piceco a lot so those will come in handy. The next thing I got were these really cute flipflops that say ¨Beach Please¨. Then I got three t-shirts because there was a deal so I got them. I can not wait to wear them to school! That´s all I got from Aero.

The next store I went to was Vineyard Vines. I got a really pretty blue and yellow shirt and its like a hoodie. I really like it! Then after Vineyard Vines I went to Under Armor I got a purple shirt that actually says Under Armor. That shirt was only $10!! Then I think we went to GAP. At GAP I got a very cute romper that´s navy blue and white. I don´t want to wear it to school because I don´t like wearing rompers to school because one its against school rules to have really short shorts and two It big on me so I would need to wear a tang top. Then I think we went to Nike. At Nike I did not get anything for me but I did get a shirt for my brother. We sent him a picture of it to see if he wanted it and he said yes! The shirt says ¨Basket ball is my girlfriend!¨

So then the next store I went to was Converse. I got black ones so that I can wear them with any outfit because if I got blue it really would not match anything. Emily got pink ones. So the next store we went to was American Eagle. I just got jean shorts because I grew SO much the last time I wore mine. Emily did not get anything. So then the last store we went to was Lulu Lemon. Since we spent so much money we just got a headband. Before we went to Lulu lemon we went to Starbucks and between Converse and American Eagle we got Pizza. Tuesday was such a fun day! I hope we can do it again!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Social Studies Project

In Social Studies we are doing a project about government. We have learned about the Three Branches
( Executive, Judicial, and Legislative.) We have also learned about Seporation Of Power. In Seporation Of Power, the government divided the power into three branches and the three branches are Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. The government didn't want people to have more power than others so they wanted to be equal.

In the project we have to do a 32 page book and have a spread. ( which is the entire page ) We are not making it on a piece of paper. We are making it online. I have 3 people in my group. Named Casey, and Josh. Josh is drawing and doing research and then Casey and I are doing the coloring and also researching.

This project is super fun so far! When we're done with the project we have to share it to 2 or 3 graders! But we have to put 3 grade words in because they won't know what we are talking about. I can't wait to work on this project again!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


  Tomorrow is Easter and I'm really excited!! Usually when my brother and I wake up we used to do an Easter egg hunt. The hunt will probably just be with me since my brother is now in 9th grade. Then we open a few things we got. I usually get like, flip flops, movies all of those kind of things. My favorite gift last year was a new play station 4 game! My brother and I played that for a long time!

So after we open some of the things we got we hangout for an hour or two and we get ready to go to Church. After Church we go to my cousins house and have a hunt and there are eggs everywhere! Like in their huge backyard, upstairs, downstairs like I said everywhere! The hunt usually takes us about an hour or so. We always have to look out for their dog Leo and now their new puppy Lily so they do eat the plastic and especially chocolate.

After the hunt we just hangout with everyone! When its time to go, we say goodbye and go home. Once we get home, my mom and dad watch my brother and I play some of the games on play station. After a long fun day we go to bed. I love Easter and I can't wait for tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shopping With My Friend

On Tuesday during February break I went shopping with my best friend Ellen. Her and I were best friends since we were born. We are super close. So anyways on Tuesday we decided to go shopping. We went to the mall an went to over 10 stores. We first went to Garage and I got tang tops.

Second we went to I think the Beauty salon for Ellen´s mom because she wanted make up. So I got a loofa and nail polish. Third we went to Aeropostale and I got a pink sweatshirt. Fourth store I went to I didn't get anything. There were a few that I didn't get so I won't name them. So anyways I went to Francesca's and I got my mom a sign that says "Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning". I was going to get my dad and my brother a sign but there were only signs for sisters and mothers. So I got that sign.

The final stores I went to was, Bath and body works. I got this cute little package that had the Eiffel Tower on all of the things. I got body wash, lotion, and hand sanatizer. Then a different thing I got was a little hand sanatizer called A Thousand Wishes. It smells so good!! Then I went to Pink. I'm pretty sure that this is the last store. But at Pink the only thing I could get was socks because I ran out of money after this super fun/long day. The socks are high blue and white socks that come in 2 pairs.

This day was so fun and I hope that I can do it again!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What I Would Change In School

If I had a chance to change 3 things in school I would change, the bathroom. Because we need a door. It´s  just kind of weird that we walk by and just hear the toilet flush. Also when you are washing your hands and drying them it disturbs the other classes.

Another change I want is, is to have larger/taller lockers like Seneca I believe that those lockers would be easier and so kids don´t  take their locks off because that really really bugs me. So then when you have the taller/bigger lockers you can just twist it and then your locker opens!

The last one I would like to change is, to have an escalator as stairs. I think that would be awesome! Because instead of using your feet, you can just rise up,up,up,up and that´s pretty cool! Then if you´re  late to class, you can run up it. I think this will make school better especially the escalator.

That is 3 things that I would change in school.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentine's Day

  The morning of Valentine's day was very fun! I woke up and opened a few gifts my parents and my brother got me. I love them all, they were, a Lokai bracelet, a sweatshirt from Pink, Chocolate marshmallows, and some Chocolate lollipops. After around 10:00 am we were getting ready to go to my cousins house. We are meeting my other cousins new puppy!!! Lilly is her name, she is about 7 weeks old. At least around there. And she is adorable!! I got to hold Lilly and she felt like a cloud! She didn't feel like anything! Lilly is super super small and just so tiny that we had to be careful not to step on her!

   At the table there was lollipops, kisses and glasses! Also other things. I had the best time! I was very sad to leave my Cousins house because it was really fun. We had to leave around 1:00 so we weren't there for really long. We had to go to my brother's training for basketball. After that we had to go straight home quickly to get to my brother's basketball game. It was a really intense game! I think the score was 75-73 we won. It wasn't a really high game but at least it was close.

    In the game my brother had 17 points. It was really fun to see the game because there were so so many steels it was crazy! They would slam the ball out of their hands! That's how crazy it was! Everybody was screaming and just having a blast. I am so proud of them for winning. It was a great game! After the game, we went home and just relaxed after a really long day. I loved V-day and I can't wait for the next Holiday!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Best Friends

      My best friends make me happy. I am so happy that I found those kind of friends. They make me smile, and laugh and just light up my day. I am very happy that when I need them they are always there for me. On Saturday February 6th I went to Flight with a few of my friends, Alex, Molly, and Shriya. We had so much fun! They always make me smile and have a great time!

   Now I have over probably 100 friends from my school and different schools. I have got to say, some of them will be nice, and then they will be mean to you the next day. It doesn't happen to all my friends but a few are pretty mean. My parents always say, " Friends make you feel good about yourself" And to not hangout with mean people.

  Now I hangout with the most nicest and amazing friends I could imagine and I can't wait to meet more of those great friends!! In the beginning of the year I got a little bit bullied by this one girl who was my friend but now she changed and we are pretty close! So now I only hangout with people who make me feel happy and included.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Soup Kitchen

    On Tuesday January, 26 2016 I did the Soup kitchen in Albany. A soup kitchen is when you help those in need with food and clothing and such. For my school we were a waitress, or we were putting the food on the plate. The people who were at the soup kitchen were very nice. It made me happy when I did it, because they were poor people and didn't have any money to buy food and clothing. My job was to waitress and I wanted that because it makes me happy to see the smiles on their faces.
   The best part of the day was when I saw everyone look happy and had smiles on their faces and just was happy for once. I am happy that I did the soup kitchen because if I didn't I would be sad that I didn't help them. They were all super nice and great full to everyone like the students, teachers, and I. The soup kitchen was like Community Service.
   At the end of the day they all said "thank you" and again had smiles on their faces! I hope I get to do this again because it was just amazing!! Anytime someone came they wanted every single food that was there! I can't imagine not eating for that long. I am super happy that we got to spend the day with great people! I can't wait to do it again!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


         I have done piano since I was probably in 3rd grade. I love piano so much. It makes me focused and just an amazing instrument. In piano you do recitals. I have 4 trophies. For my piano recital last year I did Let It Go. Right now in piano I am learning Star wars and Tomorrow from the movie Annie.
                 Sometimes if I want to know a song on the piano, I teach it to myself. I probably taught about seven songs to myself. One of the songs I taught myself was Flashlight from Pitch Perfect 2. I also usually teach myself Christmas songs because Christmas was like a month ago. How I teach myself the song is quite simple, I will either listen to the music and come up with notes OR I will just teach myself the song!!
               What I love most about piano, is it comes easily to me. I learn the song from my piano teacher in five minutes and I'm ready for a new song in the book to practice from the book. There are a lot of kids in my class who do piano but it doesn't really come easily to them.
There are pretty hard songs in the book I have. There is a lot of moving your hands in different positions a lot. That is a few facts about me with the piano.

Friday, January 22, 2016

First Day Of School!

         My first day of school was good! I was a little scared because I wasn't with my friends that I was with last year. They changed up the homerooms. So when I went on the bus, everything was great! Then when I got to school I got pretty scared. I wasn't near anyone from last year. Then when I got to my homeroom, I saw a whole bunch of my friends!!! Every summer we always call/text our friends to see what homeroom we are in and classes but this year I really haven't got to that.

      I walked into homeroom happy! I saw my friend Parker the rest of my friends were in different homerooms. In my homeroom I met a lot more people!! For example one of my best friends Caitlyn!  In French class I was pretty scared because we were all mixed up because in sixth grade we only had it with Hiawatha people. Hiawatha is a house in or school where we have our own things like Principal and hallways and more! This year we were mixed in with Mohawk people. The lucky thing was I have a lot of friends in Mohawk!!

    I had a lot of great times for the first day of school!! I didn't really see a lot of my friends in the summer! I have a summer birthday too so I couldn't see them on my birthday. I got super close to all of my friends I met and made last year!! This year I went to school on September 8th or something like that. I can't wait to see how next year turns out!! I hope to meet even more friends!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What I Got For Christmas


 Today I will be writing about Christmas!! I will be telling you what I got and what I did! So my parents got me a hover ball, hover board, a Vera Bradley lunch box, a really cool camera that takes pictures and films movies AND takes videos, I also got high fuzzy socks for my boots. I can´t remember who got this next gift for me. I think it might have been my brother but I´m not positive. So from either my parents or my brother I got PITCH PERFECT 2!!! Since Christmas I probably have watched it about 30 times!! Then I got FIFA 16!! That´s another gift I´m going crazy about!! Then I got Elf makeup ( not an actual elf makeup) but the brand is named Elf! I love it so so much!! Another gift I got were navy UGG boots with 2 bows on the back, they are super cute!! Then I got this super cute outfit that´s ALL sweater its super cute too!! Last but not least I got a gray north face and it has a cancer sign on it.
                In my stocking I got a Daddy´s Little girl CD. Also I got a lot of candy like those candy cane shaped candy´s with M&M´s in it and I also got Reeses. Then I got this HUGE Hershey Kiss!! It took me 2 days to eat!! Then I got this adorable soccer ornament, I got a calender, a STARBUCKS GIFT CARD! Also several more that I can´t remember!! Thank you Mom, and dad and Jack!!
           Then when me and my brother opened up all of our gifts we were playing with everything we got!!! My grandpa comes over every Christmas and hangs out with us. Then when he goes to my aunts house we head over to my Grandmas!! and hangout with her!! I got a lot of painting/drawing stuff from her! I had so much fun spending time with my family! I also got to see my cousin who lives in Colorado but not my aunt and uncle. I got a lot of things from them too!! I had a great Christmas and I hope you did too!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Piseco Lake


What i'm writing today is about my camp. My camp is called Piseco Lake/ Half Moon Beach in the Adirondacks. I have been going there every year I don't go for the whole summer but I go there a lot in the summer. My grandma has had it ever since my dad was little, so my family has been going there for A LONG time. My favorite things about Piseco is the beach, going Kayaking, riding the boat, going tubing, having smore's, hanging out with my family, and going to craft fairs at the camp site.

 Me and my brother always catch the ball and when we miss the ball the sand either hits my mom or dad its funny to us but not them. I love Piseco when its time to go home I can't because i'll miss it to much. In the trailor  in Piseco there are only 3 beds. and my grandma is also there so we don't have a lot of room. Me and my brother sleep on the fold out couch. That's only if my aunt and uncle aren't there.

           My family sold our boat that we got awhile ago. We might get a jets ski, but then me and my brother will have to go to a boat school and we don't want to do that so we actually might be getting a motor boat and then me and my brother can go tubing!! When we had our old boat we always went around the island toward the side of the lake. Now if I want to go to the island, I can just Kayak to the island. I love the beach and I can't wait to go back this summer!!!